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Bilder von ehemaligen Erasmus-Studenten/-innen

Hauptstadt: Paris

Amtssprache: Französisch

Bevölkerung: ca. 68 Mio.

(Quelle: Eurostat)



Mehr Informationen & Details:

Welcome Week:

It takes place one week before the beginning of each semester (September and February).

Organization of studies

Exchange students can choose a program in English (for a semester) available in Industrial Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or Energy.

No. of units/credits that a full-time exchange student can take each semester

Minimum: 4 courses (all classes included) or 16 credits
Maximum: 7 courses (all classes included) or 34 credits

French language course

An intensive French course is organized for all incoming international students during the Welcome Week (2-3 weeks before the start of classes) and students can continue learning French during the semester with the “French as a Foreign Language” course. With five different levels (beginners to advanced), this French course prepares students willing to get the international certificate of French proficiency.

Accommodation in France

Student housing is available to all exchange students who come study at UTBM. All housing options are in student-only residences and offer affordable accommodation in a convenient, safe location.

Are students allowed to take courses outside the faculty or department they belong to?

Students should stick with their teaching department. This does not apply to humanities courses (languages and T2S courses) that are open for everyone.

Fact sheet

Have a look at the fact sheet for more information!

Minimum ECTS

The Erasmus students need to choose at least 30 ECTS for one semester.

Welcome event

Take advantage of our annual welcome event and meet all UBFC international students. Some students may be from your home country. Indeed, UBFC welcomes 260 international students from 62 countries around the world.

French language classes

There is a language center on the University campus, where students can take French classes. It costs about 50€ for one semester.


Our institution will guide incoming student/staff in finding accommodation, according to the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Fact sheet

Have a look at the fact sheet for more information!


We do not require a minimum ECTS for incoming exchange students.

French courses

Free French courses are offered for those whose level is insufficient.

Recommended French level is B1.

Information about the language departement can be found here


Accommodation provided is in a room in a CROUS dormitory. Be careful: CROUS has a very limited number of rooms. We cannot guarantee a room.


Here is a flyer  of the school with more details information.

Starting from September 2024, we will also have some courses program that will open in English.

Fact sheet

Have a look at the fact sheet  for more information!

Language requirements

level B1 (according to the CEFR) in French is strongly recommended (Europass).

French-language courses

International students can also attend intensive French-language courses throughout the academic year:

on average 2 hours per week, totally free of charge

Summer school for exchange and double degree students
From August to September
3-week course | 4 ECTS | €600
Price includes courses for the duration of the program, housing and catering until August 31st.

Winter school
During January
2-week course (40 hours) | 2 ECTS
Price available from March

Welcome event

2 or 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester


on-campus for all exchange students ~€360 to €550 / month


Through an agreement with the Centre Régional des OEuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS), we offer exchange students a choice of affordable student housing. The prices range from about 200€ to 420€ a month. Other options include private dormitories, room or apartment rental or living with roommates. Students are required to take an apartment insurance policy before moving in to their accommodation.


There is no minimum of ECTS credits required for non degree students, however we recommend that students take most of the classes taught during the semester.

Each semester, during our call for applications procedure, our pre-filled Learning Agreements are available on our website :


A welcome module is offered by POLYTECH Montpellier – University of Montpellier to facilitate your arrival, help you get about town, sort out administrative worries, and explain the French University system.

It is a great way to meet the other exchange students from many different nationalities, and is often the start of some wonderful friendships! 

A Welcome day is organized by the International Office at the beginning of each semester to guide exchange students through the main administrative matters relating to their stay.

Language courses

We would like to remind students that most of classes are taught in French, so a minimum language level is required to guarantee success :

level B1 according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.

French classes are available throughout each semester for those who need a refresher course and for students arriving in Montpellier within the framework of our exchange programmes.

More information here

Help with procedures

To prepare your mobility and before your arrival in France, go to this website

Application process

More details here

Welcome Events

At the begining of each university semester, Université de Lorraine’s International and European Relations Department organizes welcome events for international students.

More information and dates here

Learning French with DéFLE

Department of French as a Foreign Language (DéFLE-Lorraine)

offers the following courses in Nancy

Also an Erasmus+course: intra-European students hosted at UL in the context of Erasmus+ exchanges, you can attend a 44-hour FFL module free of charge and entitling you to ECTS credits

Finding accommodation

Please find all options here


There is no minimum number of ECTS.


The academic year is divided into two semesters:
Semester 1 (Autumn): September to January
Semester 2 (Spring): January/February to July


French & English: level B1 (according to the CECR) is strongly recommended


Certificate of French and/or English proficiency (*) issued by the home university’s language center (or similar). OLS results cannot be used


French and English : We offer courses in specialty departments (years 3,4 and 5) in English for non-French-speaking exchange students
All specialty departments offer coursesin English for 30 ECTS over one semester


French courses during the year French courses given to all Exchange students during the year are free of charge.
1h30/week – 14 weeks = 2ECTS/semester


To apply for student housing, students just have to tick the box in the on-line application form.
Otherwise students should apply for private housing.
More information


Our real estate platform, which is restricted to our students and candidates, is a simple way to find your accommodation.

More information here


Wir organisieren einen Begrüßungstag am ersten Tag an der Icam gemäß unserem akademischen Kalender: Besichtigung des Gebäudes, administrative Angelegenheiten, Treffen mit den Buddies, gemeinsames Mittagessen etc.


Es gibt keine Mindestanzahl an ECTS. Jeder Studierende kann selbst entscheiden, wie viele ECTS er absolvieren möchte. Um Inkompatibilitäten im Stundenplan zu vermeiden, muss er/sie Kurse aus demselben Studienjahr wählen. Incoming students können auch ein Ingenieurprojekt mit oder ohne Unterricht durchführen.

Unser Studienprogramm finden Sie hier:

Minimum Sprachlevel

Wir akzeptieren Studenten mit B1 Niveau, aber B2 wird empfohlen, um dem Unterricht bequem folgen zu können.

Minimum ECTS

We do not require a "minimum" of credits.

Reception week

At the start of both semesters, there is a Reception week that the foreign students should attend.

For more information see Student Guide

French language courses

French language courses are also taught during the semester for international students.

French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Several levels of French as a Foreign Language are available throughout each semester (4 ECTS per course).

Details on this website

Intersemester short programs

Before the start of every semester a 4-week intensive course for international students is run with the aim of improving the student's level of French and giving an introduction to French culture and life. More information here


The International Center of the UTT can help to book accommodation ONLY for the students coming from partner universities.

More information here

Anzahl Austauschplätze

STADT BA  MA  PhD  Ges.Anz.  Dauer  ISCED Code* 
 Belfort  2  2  -  4  à 6 Mon.  0715 
 Besançon  -  2  -  2  à 12 Mon  0715 
 Bordeaux  2  2  -  2  à 12 Mon.  0715 
 Lyon  4  4  4  4  à 5 Mon.  0715 
 Metz  10  10  -  10  à 10 Mon.  0715 
 Montpellier  2  2  -  2  à 12 Mon.  0715 
 Nancy  10  10  -  10  à 10 Mon.  0715 
 Rouen  7  7  -  7  à 12 Mon.  0710 
 Strasbourg  2  2  -  2  à 12 Mon.  0715 
 Troyes  2  2  -  4  à 5 Mon.  0715 

Partner Erasmus+ Codes

STADTErasmus+ Code

* Liste mit der Bedeutung der ISCED Codes siehe Downloads