Investigations of Trichloroethylene Adsorption on Activated Carbon

Gu, Junjie


In order to remove trichloroethylene in waste gases the adsorption process can be used with the cycle of adsorption, steam desorption, drying with hot air and then the next adsorption. This project will be carried out with the following procedures:


1. Investigations of adsorption isotherms

The single-component-isotherms of trichloroethylene and steam and the isotherms of their mixtures on a commercial activated carbon (Sorbonorit 4) will be determined experimently in a custom-built appatus. The adsorption equilibrium predictions will also be theoretically discussed.

2. The kinetics of adsorption, desorption...

It is planned, that the mass transfer mechanisms, if possible also the heat transfer mechanisms, during each step of the adsorption cycle will be experimentlly and theoretically investigated.

3. Pilot plant scale investigations

The adsorption cycles will also be studyed in a pilot plant scale experimental apparatus under industrial operation conditions.

4. Computer simulations

The research aims at a mathematical description of the adsorption cycle. The simulations will be performed with ADSIM/SPEEDUP, the package from ASPEN