Neues Simulationstool zum Scale-up auf Basis Populationsdynamik

Max-Buchner- Forschungsstiftung 2913


M.Sc. Eng. Hanin B. Jildeh



The prediction of transient droplet swarm behavior in extraction columns requires a drop population balance model, to express droplet transport, interactions (breakage, coalescence) and solute mass transport. A correct parameter set for the interaction kernels, which is independent from column geometry and invariant to change in operating conditions is a necessity for any simulation. The obtained results are validated with different chemical test systems and column types, which shows that the methodology to obtain insensitive parameter is accurate. It serves as a firm basis when simulating extraction columns, especially during scale up and scale down.


Abschlussbericht an die Max-Buchner-Forschungsstiftung (MBFSt) Kennziffer 2913