Lehrstuhl für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik (MVT)

Research and research areas

The Institute of Particle Process Engineering does research on a wide range of scientific topics in particle technology. From generation and formulation of particles for defined properties of disperse systems to separation of dispersed particles from the gas or liquid phase, the research covers the central unit operations of mechanical process engineering. For characterization of the disperse systems, the Institute of Particle Process Engineering develops its own sensor technologies that can be used on a wide range of applications. In Solids Process Engineering the macroscopic effects while handling bulk solids and the micromechanics in single particle interactions and breakage are investigated experimentally and numerically. Overall the development of tailor-made simulation frameworks especially for multiphase flow is in the focus of the research.

Multiphase flow modeling
Particle Formulation

Particle micromechanics
Solid-Liquid Separation
Bulk solids handling

Aerosol technology

Sensor Development


Surface engineering

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