NanoFocus - µSurf explorer

The μSurf explorer compact optical 3D measuring instrument is for measuring and analyzing surfaces. The measurement is based on confocal technique.

μSurf explorer can be used for DIN EN ISO compliant roughness determination, analyses of 3D structures, layer thickness and measurement of geometry in the micrometer and nanometer range.

μSurf explorer is very robust and environmental influences, such as vibrations, dust or splashed water do not affect the precision of the measurement results. μSurf explorer is ideal for a broad spectrum of materials. Almost all surfaces, from polymers to metals through to composite materials, can be transformed into precise measurement data. No sample preparation is required for measurement.

μSurf explorer offers a nanometer precision resolution. This is based on confocal Multi-Pinhole-Technology in combination with the precise piezo module. Rough surfaces and structures with steep flank angles can be captured reliable and even strongly reflecting can be transformed into measurement data error-free. The objective lens used offers individual measurement field sizes between 1.6 x 1.6 mm and 260 x 260 μm with freely selectable vertical resolution. After each measurement real 3D data are available and μsurf analysis also offers numerous other functions, such as volume determination, calculation of isotropy or particle analysis. 

The software includes all DIN EN ISO standardized 2D parameters and a wealth of international characteristic values.


Measuring head

Image acquisition module:
Fast digital camera with progressive scan technology, up to 55 fps, 512x512 Pixel, 10 bit, firewire

Light source:
High efficiency LED, (λ = 505 nm), MTBF: 50,000 h

Scan modules

x,y-axis module MN 50:
Precision x,y-table, range: 50x50 mm, resolution: 0.3 μm

z-axis module MN 75:
Precision scanning module, range: 75 mm, resolution: 0.2 μm

z-axis module NV 250:
Fast precision scanning module (piezo), range: 250 μm, resolution: <10 nm

Granite measuring stand:
440x260x320 mm (hxwxd) including vibration isolation rubber feet


μSoft control:
NanoFocus control and analysis software, profile and topography representation, roughness compliant with DIN EN ISO

μSoft analysis (standard version):
Software to analyse 3D measurement data, layout function, templates for series measurement and analysis

Stitch (Standard):
μsuft control plugin for extended measurement field

Optical modules

1600 S

Magnification: 10x
Measuring field (μm): 1600x1600
Numerical aperture 0.3
Working distance (mm) 11
Resolution in z-direction (nm) 20
Resolution in x, y-direction (μm) 3.1

800 L, S, XS

Magnification: 20x
Measuring field (μm): 800x800
Numerical aperture: 0.4/0.45/0.6
Working distance (mm): 12.1/3.1/0.9
Resolution in z-direction (nm): 6/5/4
Resolution in x, y-direction (μm):1.6

320 L, S

Magnification: 50x
Measuring field (μm): 320x320
Numerical aperture: 0.5/0.8
Working distance (mm): 10.6/1.0
Resolution in z-direction (nm): 4/2
Resolution in x, y-direction (μm): 0.7

260 XS

Magnification: 60x
Measuring field (μm): 260x260
Numerical aperture: 0.9
Working distance (mm): 0.4
Resolution in z-direction (nm): 2
Resolution in x, y-direction (μm): 0.5