Hommel Etamic - T 8000

The Hommel T 8000 system is a tactile solution for the roughness measurement.

This PC-based measuring system allows for identification and presentation of roughness parameters according to international standards. With the T 8000 complex measurement tasks can be carried out and topography or contour measurements are possible as well. Depending on the kind of measurement either the roughness or the contour mechanical probe is used. In addition, roughness and contour measurement tasks can also be combined and realized without changing the push-button and presented in a measurement log.

The gauge has a linear feed rate of 120mm and a height adjustment (wavelift) of 400mm. In addition, the T 8000 has a rotary feed (waverotor) of 360° for the measurement of (partial-) cylindrical, conical or curved surfaces. 

In the contour measurement the system offers a measurement range (Z axis) of 60mm and a resolution of 0.05 microns. The probe is a 0.5 mm ruby ball. In roughness measurement, the measuring range is 80 microns and the button is a TKU 300. The principle of roughness measurement is based on the inductive abeam anchor.

Furthermore, the gauge has a motorized measurement column, an automatic probe positioning system, a guide accuracy of 0.4 microns and a tilting unit. The measurement range is ± 80 microns, the coarse adjusting range ± 45° and the fine adjusting range ± 5°.