Multiphase Flow

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sergiy Antonyuk


Many engineering processes in industry include two- or three-phase flows. They consist of a continuous phase (surrounding medium) and a disperse phase (solid particles, droplets and gas bubbles). The interactions between the phases play an important role for the heat and mass transfer, separation or mixing of the phases, growth or breakage processes and thus decisively determine the success of the process.
In this course, the physical basics of multiphase flows in gas / liquid are conveyed and the technical processes and some apparatuses with multiphase processes are presented and explained. An important focus of this course is placed on calculation methods, modelling and simulations with modern numerical tools. According exercises are carried out on the high-performance computer of the RHRK.

  • Rheology of technical fluids
  • Force effects on a particle in a fluid
  • Single particle movement in fluids
  • Movement of particle collectives
  • Basics of fluidized bed technology
  • Industrial applications of fluidized bed technology, for example particle formulation in fluidized beds
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic solids transport
  • Gas / liquid flow: bubbles and droplets
  • Particle formulation by spray drying
  • Modern process simulation methods (CFD / DEM)



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    M. Sc. David Strohner



    Thu.15:30 - 17:00Room:44-465
    Fri.13:45 - 15:15Room:44-465

    The tutorial will be held on every 14 days on Friday.


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