Notes and Recommendations

Information options:

  • The University of Kaiserslautern offers multiple information sources. The central point is the Student Service Center (SSC), which can give you information directly, or forward your questions to the knowledgeable staff.
  • Expert advice on the individual programs in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering can be found through the faculty advisors.

Application deadlines:

  • Your application must be received on time. Decisive is the date of receipt at TUK.
  • Application deadlines for degree programmes with limited enrolment are cut-off deadlines. This means that late applications can no longer be considered in the admission procedure for the semester in question.
  • Further information about deadlines and dates can be found here!

more information:

  • Internships should be completed as much as possible before the start of the study, in order to keep the semester break available for exam preparation, exams, and completion of study or project work.
  • This recommendation should be followed especially for graduates from Rheinland-Pfalz, who can earn their Abitur after only 12.5 years and choose to begin their studies in the winter semester.



  • Typically, a preliminary course in Higher Mathematics will take place before the start of lectures of the winter or summer semester for freshmen. Such attendance should refresh or supplement existing mathematics knowledge. Details will be published in enrollment documentation. Participation in the preparatory course is strongly recommended.