Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Dean´s Office



The Dean´s Office manages the department and is the fokul point of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. The dean and his substitute, the Vice Dean, are in charge of the department and also function as representatives. They are supported by the General Manager of the department. 

At the Dean´s Office you can obtain any information needed regarding the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. 



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Roland Ulber

Tel.: +49 631/205-4044

Email: roland.ulber(at)

Vice Dean


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tilmann Beck

Tel.: +49 631/205-3362'



General Manager


Dr.-Ing. Marcus Ripp
Tel.: +49 631/205-2560
Email: m.ripp[at]


Course Management


Dr.-Ing. Carolin Sator


Dr.-Ing. Katja Groß





Tel.: +49 631/205-5754
Email: studiengangsmanagement[at]

Secretary´s Office



Julia Wilson
Tel.: +49 631/205-2417
Email: j.wilson[at]


Andrea Scheck

Tel.: +49 631/205-5675
Email: a.scheck[at]

Erasmus Consulting / Administrative Clerk

Daniela Faßbender

Tel.: +49 631/205-4440

Email: d.fassbender(at)

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