Workgroup Materials Testing

Nanobainitic Steels

Research Fund for Coal and Steels - European Union

Understanding the basic mechanisms to optimize and predict in service properties of nanobainitic steels

High-strength bainitic steels show a fine microstructure consisting of laths of ferrite and fine cementite precipitations. Under cyclic loading carbides can act as initial point of fatigue cracks. The addition of silicon helps to stabilize austenite, leading to a microstructure consisting of very fine bainite laths and retained austenite. This nanobainitic microstructure has a very high strength and at the same time a high ductility caused by the small dimensions of the microstructure. These properties develop without an additional deformation such as severe plastic deformation and without adding expensive alloying elements. Until now it is not understood what are the main parameters of the microstructure which influence the fatigue behavior of these steels. Thus, the influencing parameters and the relationship between the microstructure and the mechanical / fatigue behavior should be studied within this project to (demonstrate) take account of the potential of these materials.

Project partners:

Ascometal Creas, Hagondange, Frankreich
    Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart, Deutschland
CSIC-CENIM, Madrid, Spanien
ICAMS, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland
Gerdau, Spain
GPM – CRNS/Université & INSA Rouen, Frankreich

Contact: M. Sc. Inga Müller


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