Working Group


The working group Werkstoffprüfung (AWP) belonging to the Department Mechanical and Process Engineering, founded in 2011, is active in the research of the mechanical strength of high strength materials and the effect of very small notches on the fatigue strength of components. The group is also engaged in the  analysis of technical cases of damage.
The research of high strength materials focuses on the relation between the microstructure and the cyclic load capacity i.e. the dynamic strength of the material. Within the (special research field) Sonderforschungsbereich 926, research on notches is conducted in close collaboration with other chairs in the fields of mechanical engineering, process engineering and physics.
In the analysis of technical cases of damage, the investigation of damages occuring in daily experiences, such as damages to machine parts, vehicles or tools receive priority.
Several testing machines are available for the experimental work to test specimens and components under cyclic loading. Microstructure analyses are realized by light and scanning electron microscopy.


Working Group Materials Testing

Visitors: Building 49, Room 316
Lab: Building 44, Room 207

D-67663 Kaiserslautern
Phone: +49 (0)631 205 3571


Laboratory Equipments

  • 40 kN Schenck universal testing device
  • 7,5 kN Schenck 1.000 Hz universal testing device
  • 15 kN MTS universal testing device
    tension-compression, torsion (100 Nm)
  • 2x 450 N, 1x 25 N Bose Electroforce 
    3-, 4-point bending, tension-compression
  • 20.000 Hz ultrasonic testing device
    tension-compression, vacuum-, inert gas chamber, mid-load
  • 6 kN electro dynamic fatigue testing device
  • Schenck 50 Hz alternate bending device
  • Hardness testing device
    Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Shore
  • Nanoindenter
    depth related nano hardness testing, cyclic penetrant testing

  • Cutting-, embedding-, grinding- and polishing devices
  • Diamond wire saw
  • Scanning electron microscope Phillips XL 40 with large chamber
    SE, BSE, EDX
  • Stereo- and optical microscopes
  • Ultrasonic- and plasma cleaning device
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Kerscher
Marieluise Demuth
M. Sc. Markus Burmeister
M. Sc. Stella Diederichs
M. Sc. Nafiseh Ghavidel
M. Eng. Phanuphak Seensattayawong
M. Sc. Jan Metternich
Anja Hebestreit
Daniel Ludwig
External Doctoral Candidates
Former Colleagues