Workgroup Materials Testing

Student Research Projects

  • MASTER-Thesis:

Intationäre Wärmeübertragung im ulttraschallüberlagerten Druckversuch

(For further information please download this document


Modellierung und Analyse des Schwingungsverhaltens eines Prüfstandes zur hochfrequenten Stauchung mittels Ultraschalles

(For further information please download this document

Greneral Information

  • The offered projects can be carried out as a study, project, bachelor, master or diploma thesis, depending on the scope. In addition, there is the possibility to work on projects in cooperation with the industry.
  • Non-specialist students whose direction of study touch on the topics of the projects offered are also welcome.
  • Please send an e-mail to if you are interested in one of the offered projects. Tell us some important points about yourself and let us know what interests you most about materials science and engineering

Note: Some Student Research Projects may be offered only in German. Please have a look at our German homepage.

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