Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

Welcome to the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (WKK).

Our vision is to measure, understand and make use of the way materials behave, and in doing so contribute to international research and development.

The Institute focuses on four key areas of research

1.  exploring the fatigue behaviour of metals, especially the complex interactions of mechanical properties of high temperature materials

2.  investigating the production, properties, and microstructural characterization of composite materials and composites known as hybrid materials

3.  experimenting and modelling metastability through phase transformations, as well as their influence on the mechanical and physical properties of metals

4.  developing and applying short time procedures known as PhyBaL for characterizing fatigue properties and the lifetime calculation of metals

We care about great teaching and research at WKK, and we take pride in our friendly and dedicated colleagues and students.

Head of Institute
WKK Team