Institute of Particle Process Engineering

DFG-ANR collaboration project „PASTFLOW“: Spreading of granular pastes: from the particle to end use properties

Contact: Fabian Krull

Funding: DFG

Pastes are highly concentrated particle suspensions such as gypsum pastes and fresh concrete. They play an important role in the manufacture of various products in the construction, chemical and food industries. These materials are non-Newtonian fluids with complex rheological properties. This collaboration project with the Laboratoire d'Energetique et de Mécanique Théorique et Appliquée (LEMTA, deals with the improvement of the flow behavior of pastes by applying mechanical vibrations to control the viscosity. Experiments and numerical methods (coupled CFD-DEM simulations) are uses in combination to investigate the micro mechanisms, which influence the flow behavior of the pastes under vibrations. These important findings can be used to improve the spreading behavior and transport properties of pastes during production and application.

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