Chair of Applied Mechanics

Selected chapters of mechanics

Brief description

In the lecture, partial aspects of mechanics are taught which cannot be taught in the basic lectures. The mathematical basics of tensor calculation in curvilinear coordinates will be discussed. The concepts are applied in shell theory, micromechanics and plasticity theory.


Basics of tensor calculation

  • Euclidean vector spaces
  • co- and contra-variant coordinates
  • Vector and tensor algebra in curvilinear coordinates
  • Covariant Derivation, Vector and Tensor Analysis

Shell theory

  • Fundamentals of membrane and bending theory


  • Eshelby solution for inclusions
  • Analytical homogenization processes

Plasticity theory

  • Flow areas according to von Mises, Tresca, Mohr
  • Associated and non-associated flow rules
  • rate dependent and rate independent plasticity
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