Chair of Applied Mechanics

Elements of Applied Mechanics I

Short description

The lecture ETM I deals with the statics of rigid and elastically deformable bodies. First, the transmission of forces in elementary structures is investigated and the resulting stresses are introduced as internal forces. Then important surface characteristics (centre of gravity and moments of inertia) are treated. In the second part of the lecture the deformation behavior of elementary components is investigated based on the concept of stress and distortion. An introduction to basic energy methods is also given.


  • Basic concepts (especially the concept of force)
  • Force systems with a common point of attack
  • General systems of forces and balance of the rigid body
  • Centre of gravity
  • Storage reactions
  • Half-timbered houses
  • Internal forces for beams, frames and arches
  • Elastostatics of the rods
  • Working concept and energy methods for rod systems
  • Voltage, shift and distortion
  • Beam bending
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