The LTD is covering thermodynamics in research and education at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Research at LTD ranges thermodynamic fundamentals to industrial applications, e.g., for prduct and process design.

Our work is characterized by a close connection between experiment, modeling, and simulation. We aim at meeting highest international standards both in research and education. Engineers and natural scientists trained at LTD are in demand by leading companies in all fields, where process and product engineering is a key technology. Results of our research are regularly published in international peer reviewed journals. In industrial co-operations, we work as strategic partner who uses his entire competence for developing solutions to reach the common goals.

The research of LTD is focused on four work areas:

Thermodynamic Properties of Complex Fluids (TPF)

Knowledge of thermodynamic properties of fluids is essential in process and product design. LTD is specialized on experimental investigations and modeling of thermodynamic properties of complex fluid systems, including reacting mixtures and mixtures containing biomolecules and drugs.

Process Thermodynamics (PTD)

The focus of our work in process thermodynamics is on conceptual process design. PTD links TPF to applications. Our research in this area covers a wide range of tasks from the development of new design methods, the application of these methods, and the validations of the results in experimental work in laboratory or pilot plant scale.

Molecular Thermodynamics (MTD)

Molecular simulations allow solving problems that cannot be addressed by classical methods. Engineering is just beginning to systematically use molecular methods. In Molecular Thermodynamics, molecular models are used for predicting macroscopic thermodynamic properties, as well as for investigating nanoscale processes that cannot be observed otherwise. Research at LTD in this area is summed up in our motto: "From First Principles to Engineering Solutions".

Biothermodynamics (BTD)

Biothermodynamics is a rapidly growing scientific field in biochemical engineering and biotechnology. It is both a cutting-edge research area and a practical tool in industrial applications. Biothermodynamics provides fundamental insight, methods, and results for engineers and scientists working in areas like bioseparation, bioreaction, environmental biotechnology, and systems biology.