Fluid dynamic measurement technology

The focus area of fluid dynamic measurement technology concentrates on the application of image-based sensors for process engineering issues. Examples include the investigation of particles (bubbles, droplets, solids) in multiphase flows or the targeted investigation of material properties (e.g. contact angle analysis).

As the LRF has been developing its own process measuring probe for insertion into various separators and reactors since 2010, the focus is also on the design and validation of the instrument. Areas in need of research and development include

  • Further development of the process measuring probe with regard to the design.
    • Development of a probe from concept to production for real use.
    • Focus of work: Design and engineering design principles (pressure and temperature resistance, tolerances, etc.).
  • Further development of the process measuring probe with regard to optics.
    • Investigation of optical components (cameras, lenses, lighting) for their suitability for use.
    • Focus of research: image illumination, sensor cooling, lens interconnection and sight glass optimization.
  • Application of the process measuring probe in existing systems.
    • Optical imaging of the flow situation in separators and reactors.
    • Focus of work: Experimental work and analysis of cause-effect relationships in a fluid dynamic context.
  • Image analysis
    • Analysis of image material with the aim of obtaining as much information as possible about the process (sizes, shapes and velocities of e.g. droplets).
    • Focus of research: Further development of software for image analysis including machine learning.
  • Investigation of the influence of flow and the measuring accuracy of the process measuring probe.
    • Flow simulation of different probe geometries in the apparatus to determine systematic measurement errors.
    • Investigation of standard test systems in order to determine the measurement accuracy and thus the limitations of image-optical measurement technology for particle analysis.
  • Process control using optical image measurement technology

    • Use of the generated image material to control valves and machines in process engineering processes.

    • Focus of work: programming and automation (Python, OpenCV etc.).

  • Predictive maintenance by analyzing the higher-level data structure.

    • Use of long image sequences to detect faults in plant operation.

    • Focus of project: Use of qualitative (e.g. operating status) instead of quantitative (e.g. particle size) information from the image material.


The Fluid Dynamic Measurement Technology specialization is very broadly diversified in terms of its tasks, so that it develops highly innovative applications for the most diverse areas of interest from research and industry. For students, the specialization offers exciting and challenging work with different focal points such as experimentation, design, material selection, component testing, software development or simulation.

Contact: Jonas Schulz (jonas.schulz(at)mv.uni-kl.de).