Welcome to the Heisenberg Professorship „Philosophy in Science and Engineering“

The main objective of the Heisenberg project is to establish a new scientific profile, namely “Philosophy in Science and Engineering”. Science and engineering are undergoing important transformations related to the fact that computers are everywhere and always available - and with rapidly increasing computing power. In a highly digitalized world, mathematical models are taking new forms and being applied in new fields. These transformations affect even fundamental concepts of the natural and engineering sciences. While these transformations have long been taking place in practice, reflection on them is still in its infancy. To what extent and in what ways does the wave of digitalization affect the foundations of science and engineering, such as standards of validation, procedures of measurement, or the explanatory power of models? If philosophy helps to clarify such questions and problems, it can make substantial contributions to both critically analyze the transformations and constructively influence them. Philosophy then positions itself directly in the natural and engineering sciences.


Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Johannes Lenhard

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