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Dr. Vilde Bråten

FB Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik
Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik
RPTU Kaiserslautern
Erwin-Schrödinger-Straße 44
Gebäude 44/416
67663 Kaiserslautern
Tel.: +49(0)631-205 5587
E-Mail: vilde.braten[at]rptu.de


My research focuses on mass transfer through vapor-liquid interfaces of mixtures, with specific focus on enrichment of one components in the interfacial region. The central hypothesis in the present research is that the enrichment can lead to a mass transfer resistance at the interface. This resistance is important to account for in techniques used for separation of fluids, such as distillation and adsorption. The findings of this work are therefore relevant in industries that utilize such separation techniques, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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09/2018 - 09/2022Ph.D. Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU, Trondheim
08/2013 - 08/2018Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU, Trondheim
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